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          Products Category
          Contact Us

          Name: Mr. Pan
          E-mail: wedosofa@163.com
          QQ: 164897780
          QQ: 164897780 wedosofa@163.com

          About Us

          FULLCOME HOME FURNISHING CO.,LTD is a leading manufacture specializing in all kinds of sofas and DIY wood furniture in China. The combination of our products will extend your living space perfectly.

          FULLCOME HOME 
          was established in 2012,we have exported our products to over 50 countries and regions. We have been developing gradually with the support of our respected customers. We always stick to the principle of high quality, selected materials, Innovation and contemporary design. Besides, we could be your ideal ODM factory to meet your special requirement. We know how important it is to meet our customers’ requirements and want to be good at more than price ,design and quality.

          Our factory
           in FOSHAN city ,covering 9000 square meters,started to run from July,2012.We have 6 big plants, one warehouse, one 6-floor dormitory,one restaurant and employ about 500 skilled workers.

          We have passed SGS and UL certifications in 2016.
           We have a strong R&D team and skilled product developers, our boss is the leader of this team, our foreign designer is from Austria. They go to visit the overseas furniture fair every year and develop new models to cater to the latest tendency.


          Online service

          164897780 wedosofa@163.com


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